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The Color Freshet

by Ann Ree Colton


I immerse myself within

the centered light of creation.


I. Dedication:  Reverence is the key to the Niscience Color Freshet technique.  Therefore, before one begins to create, he reverently speaks a Prayer of Dedication.  For example:


Father, I dedicate my hands, my heart, and my mind.  May my hands be blessed.  And may my soul speak through my hands.


II.  Contemplation:  The next step after Dedication is to choose a color and lightly tint the complete surface of the paper.  The effect is then contemplated.  (As one gains experience, tinting becomes optional.)


III.   Creation:  The final step is to use other colors to define and fill in what one visualizes on the paper.


The Color Freshet may be one of simplicity…or of complexity.  If the Freshet is one of simplicity, few colors will be used.  If the Freshet is one of complexity, a number of colors will be chosen.


A Color Freshet may pertain to one or more of the following:  faces, forms, animals, flowers, nature scenes, Biblical stories, geometrical patterns, variations of colors, or any of an infinity of creative ideas.


Color Freshets reveal one’s present state of spiritual evolvement.  They reveal the symbols that are close to the soul.



Color freshet by Ann Ree Colton

Color freshets by Niscience Members


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