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     The freshet poems received by the initiate are under the direction of the Cherubim Angels. Music, poetry and art are made more profound when one is instructed by the Cherubim Angels.                                                   -Ann Ree Colton

Written Freshets, Poems, Haiku

by Niscience Members

pain illuminates –

a candle on the Altar

of our universe



a star shines brightly

in the darkened sky of winter

gaze upon God's Love



we are OM seeds

on an arc of creation

singing for God



God of all seasons

countenance Omnipresent

love never absent




family of pines

a brush of a breeze

Mind of God



tensegrity truth

patterning the Universe

macro, micro, One



Across the starry voids

World to world to worlds

Our Lord Jesus came.

And in His Name

We remain.



Niscience is sounding,

Niscience is resounding,

Niscience is bringing all to clearer understanding


looking on horizons

paths of the future

leading to the Son


Mountain Deva

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