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Paintings by Niscience Founders and Members

     Before I reached my twenty-fifth year, my visions were beautiful, mystical, and spontaneous; however, I did not understand the full meaning of my visions and dreams until I began to paint kabalistically. When I began to paint the kabalistic story of creation, my spiritual powers became coordinated. Through these colorful, geometrical paintings, the down pouring of telepathic instruction was opened to me. Thereafter, the meaning within the deeper symbologies began to be revealed.  Whenever I neglected to pray, meditate, or  paint, the Spiritual Worlds and their great ideas were veiled from me.

                         -Ann Ree Colton, Prophet for the Archangels

    The world of holy inspiration is an endless ocean of beauty, truth, love and joy. When one dedicates himself to creativity through the reverent use of colors, his paintings become healers as well as revealers. Each inspirational painting becomes a milestone in his quest for divine union.

                -Jonathan Murro, God-Realization Journal

    Man is born to create. He is born to experience the joys of inspiration and creation. He is born to express the full range of gifts that God has sealed into his heart, mind and soul.

                                 -Jonathan Murro, God-Realization Journal

All boredom is caused by an unawakened creativity.

    -Ann Ree Colton, The Pelican and the Chela

Art is the releasing of power.


The spiritual dimensions will be brought forth by artists.

                                      -Ann Ree Colton

Pyramid Initiation by Ann Ree Colton

"And They All Forsook Him and Fled," a Study in Triangles by Jonathan Murro

Cup of Cold Water by Conchessa Noonan

Artwork by Niscience Members

Christ Enlightening

Retreat by Simon Burnett

Restful Place by Relene Schuster

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